i hate it when that happenns

sunday school cc's #1

i love my sunday school class. i know that sunday school is supposed to be outdated and useless. according to some it’s supposed to be a waste of time. yet i love my class. i also know that some would say that i, as the youth minister, should not lead a sunday school class because by leading that group i might end up leaving my other teens out. i know all of that stuff, yet i absolutely love my class. i’ve loved it for the past two to three years. it just seems to get better and better each year.

that’s why today was disappointing. i was really excited about what we were going to talk about. the problem is that we didn’t get to talk about it. you see every so often we take a group trip to cc’s coffee house and today just so happened to be the day for the cc’s run. usually when we make the cc’s run we still have plenty of time to discuss whatever it is we are discussing. yet two we faced two challenges 1)cc’s was slower than normal and 2)it was dang cold outside for south louisiana. we usually go outside so we can really get into our conversation but there just wasn’t room inside for us to sit and going outside wasn’t an option for most of the teens in the group. the long and short of it was that we only had ten minutes left to talk before we needed to leave. this wasn’t much time.

so we headed back to church. i was really looking forward to the dialogue. now i have to wait a week to get into it.

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