multimedia presentation software rant

i love mediashout.

    it’s the program that everyone in the youth ministry prefer to use for every presentation other than messages (it’s just not quite as good as powerpoint or maybe keynote for messages yet). mediashout is really the way to go for lyrics, announcements, and video presentations during worship services.

i hate mediashout.

    i prepaid for the 3.0 upgrade with the assurance from the sales rep that it would be out in a month. that was back at the beginning of november at the national youth workers’ convention. for some reason i still don’t have my upgrade.

where is my mediashout 3.0? all i know is that it’s not here in baton rouge.

SIDE NOTE – i’m really interested in trying out keynote. this is mainly because i still do my message presentations in powerpoint and i really don’t like micro$oft. i have an inherent dislike for “the big guy” built into my personality. if keynote is at least decent i’ll try it just to avoid using another microsoft product.

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