the view – january 26, 2005

clint's birthday lunch

alan had my camera at the beginning of the view tonight. i thought he had taken pictures of the set up for the view tonight. i was wrong. thus this is the second week in a row that i do not have pictures of the set up of “the view” tonight. thus i’ll describe it. i used matthew 5 tonight dealing with salt and light. therefore we decorated the student center with containers of salt and candles. it was cool because it confused most everyone who walked in.

we finished the “kingdom” series of messages tonight. i took a cue from the ron sider article i mentioned earlier. tonight we talked about betraying the kingdom by not living out the miracle of the new birth that happens when someone becomes a believer. this was not a “be more moral” speech. rather it was a “change your loyalty” message. i wanted to start my message with a flash animation discussing betraying your promise. i spent about two hours on it this morning and was kind of proud of it. this of course, meant that it didn’t work when it was supposed to. they finally got it working after a brief intro from me.

here’s the message opening animation for your viewing enjoyment. SIDE NOTE – if you are british you may view benedict arnold as a hero – i have no problem with that the point of the video was not to vilify arnold, rather it was to talk about being a traitor to your kingdom.

today was clint’s birthday. jessica, alan, and i took him out to “the italian pie” for lunch. since clint is a sunday school teacher it’s kind of work for me to take him to eat. i love my job that i get to consider taking a friend out to lunch as work.

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