i love them

i love tony campolo and i love jordon cooper. campolo i love because he is campolo and there is nobody else like him (though there are many of us who pretend to be like him) cooper i love because he constantly finds good article and links and pastes them on his blog.

yesterday jordon cooper posted part of an interview with campolo concerning his book “speaking my mind“. as usual with campolo the interview was great. here’s just a snippet of the interview.

if john kerry or george w. bush were to call you up and ask for your guidance on issues facing america today, what would you tell each of them in turn?

to kerry, i think my major issue would be “do you understand us? do you understand evangelicals and why we’re so upset about the pro-life issue? do you understand why we believe all life is sacred?” i’d encourage him to do justice and to do righteousness.

to george bush, I’d say “the GOD of scripture is a GOD who calls us to protect the environment. i don’t think your administration has done that very well. the GOD of scripture calls us to be peacemakers. we follow a JESUS who said those who live by the sword will die by the sword, who called us to be agents of reconciliation.”

i would point out to george bush that the CHRIST that he follows says “blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy”-which doesn’t go along with capital punishment.

i would say different things to each candidate, but i would respond instantaneously to the invitation to speak to each of them. all the way to the white house, i would be praying, “GOD, keep me from chickening out. help me to not be so overawed by the high office of these people that I fail to recognize i answer to a higher authority.”

you really should read the rest of the article it is great. campolo has a way of hitting the “nail on the head”. he does a great job of avoiding becoming the mouth piece of the right or the left. he’s for CHRIST rather than a conservative or liberal ideology. i love that.

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