i’m the worst scum the world has ever known (next to hitler that is)

i’m scum! plain and simple. there is no other way to put it – i’m pure, unadulterated scum.

now you must be asking yourself “how is robert scum?” so i’ll tell you. i forgot my mother’s and my father’s birthday. my parents’ birthdays were this past week. the big thing is not the gift because my parents are at the age that they go out and buy whatever they want. no the gifts are not the thing that i feel really bad about. nope i feel bad because i didn’t call on their birthdays. that’s the terrible thing about all this.

actually it wasn’t really my fault. you see i desperately wanted to call my parents and say “happy birthday” on their perspective birthdays but i wasn’t able to. the reason for this is because i was threatened with bodily harm concerning calling them. my kids, adam and noah, told me that they would beat me senseless if i called my parents and wished them happy birthday. you wouldn’t really think that an 8 and 11 year old could be so threatening but you would be wrong. they’re like mafia don’s and they know how exert a little muscle in order to accomplish what they want. i really wanted to call my parents on their birthdays but i was simply to scared to go against the threats of my kids. so i guess my parents should blame the whole thing on their grandkids. let me make sure my parents understand this perfectly – it was the grandkids fault and not mine. 🙂

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