lost in translation

worship station - the view - june 8, 2005
sometimes what i have in my mind doesn’t come across well when we actually do it. the above “worship station” is one such situation. wednesday night at “the view” i was talking off of james 4:8 about we believers focusing on one thing. soren kirkegaard says that “purity of heart is to will one thing” and i thought that would make for a great discussion. the message was okay – not great, not terrible. as a part of the message i wanted to set up a worship station in the back of the room to help people to consider what (or more importantly who) their “one thing” was. for me looking at myself in a mirror has always been a challenging thing. for some reason looking at myself for an extended time causes me to have to consider what GOD thinks of me and thus what i think of myself and how it relates to GOD’s thoughts. i was hoping to do a station that held the same effect for others. instead the whole thing came across as boring – at least to me. it just didn’t seem to make it from my mind to actual practice. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

SIDE NOTE – i think my mother is reading this blog now (which is fine and dandy but strange because i don’t really think that she would find any of this interesting). she usually reads my other blog. if you are reading this HI MOM!

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