good dog

montanafriday i had to drive from coosa county, alabama to kiln, mississippi to be with adam during the parent night of the boy scout camp he had been on. along the way i decided to stop and get a diet coke. i stopped in a really small area of mississippi. one that had a real “deliverance” feel to it. i stopped at a convenience store and walked in to get my desired drink.

have you ever noticed how sometimes you can just sense that something is a little different a person? you may not have had any conversation or interaction with a person and yet for some reason you know that that person is going to be interesting in a weird sort of way. i love those people. you always get the best stories out of them.

well the 20-something year old cashier at this store was full of that “interesting person” vibe. i knew the second i saw her that should would be an odd person to be around. i grabbed my diet coke and walk up to her and made a little small talk. she calculated what i owed for the drink and told me the price. i paid her and started to turn to leave. that when she said to me “now go be a good puppy.”

i guess some of y’all may have had this statement made to you but i haven’t. i’ve never really be trained in my life to know what the correct response to such a statement is. so i did the only thing i knew to do. i stopped, turned around, and stared at her in complete confusion. i guess i figured by looking at her i would be able to determine what in the world she meant. i couldn’t. so i just kept on staring. the cashier apparently noticed my confusion and thought that i had merely not heard her. so she started to say the statement again but this time she waved the back of her hand at me like she was shooing something away. she waved her hand and once again said, “now go be a good puppy.”

i still didn’t know what to do. in fact, at this moment i still can’t figure out what the correct response to such a statement is. at that time i just turned back around and walked out of the store figuring maybe she was reminding me not to pee on the floor. all i know is that i’m trying to be “a good puppy.” whatever that means.

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