mohler on public schools

here’s what southern seminary president albert mohler says in his commentary article “needed: an exit strategy” concerning how souther baptists should respond to public schools:

I believe that now is the time for responsible Southern Baptists to develop an exit strategy from the public schools. This strategy would affirm the basic and ultimate responsibility of Christian parents to take charge of the education of their own children. The strategy would also affirm the responsibility of churches to equip parents, support families, and offer alternatives. At the same time, this strategy must acknowledge that Southern Baptist churches, families, and parents do not yet see the same realities, the same threats, and the same challenges in every context. Sadly, this is almost certainly just a matter of time.

i have a friend who is a fan of mohler so rob please forgive my comments on your future seminary president. anyhow, mohler’s statements are stupid. come on. do we really need to pull even more into our little “CHRISTian” ghetto? more and more we pull into ourselves in an attempt to “protect” ourselves from the “evil” influences of the world and thus more and more we have absolutely no effect on bringing new believers into the kingdom of GOD.

wouldn’t it be a great thing if the southern baptist convention resolved to become increasingly involved within the public school system to help correct it’s problems? i guess that probably won’t be considered very strongly.

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  1. Preach on.

    I live in a town where we have multiple christian ghetto’s all under the guise of ‘better education.’

    aww, I’m preaching to the choir.

    They were stupid statements. Get out of the white tower and join the rest us, Mohler.

  2. OK, this may sound strange coming from someone whose children are homeschooled, but I actually agree with you on this one Robert. I think that pulling all Christian influence out of the public schools is the wrong answer.

    We chose to homeschool not because I dislike public schools in general, but because I dislike Baton Rouge public schools in particular. I was in the public school system here from 6th grade through graduation. I did get a good education, but it was in spite of the system, not because of it.

    I believe that this is a decision that every family needs to make for themselves. It shouldn’t be some edict coming down from the powers that be in the SBC saying that Southern Baptists should all pull their children out of the public schools.

  3. watch out rob. i think they kick you out of southern if you disagree with mohler. 🙂 you haven’t even started school there yet. please don’t get kicked out before you even start.

  4. Get out of the salt shaker!

    Robert I can’t agree more. I cannot tell you the impact i see from the truly Christian students here at the public school where i teach. It’s by being in the world but not of it that we truly make a difference.


    The true test is being able to be IN and not OF. That is the challenge. I can say this because i have made the mistake before and let myself get to far away from my foundation.

    So the final question. Do we want our children protected and stainless decorations. Or do we want our children hardened heat treated weapons of Christ.

    A hard call to make.


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