go karting with alan

some of us went go karting this afternoon and i learned a valuable lesson. today i learned that alan is invisible to authority figures. you see alan has the rare ability to use his kart to slam people into the side rail without ever being seen by the people who are supposed to throw troublemakers like him out. it was an amazing thing to watch. alan bounced everyone who came by him. he would pound his victim into the rail and just continue driving while hitting the person. he didn’t even try to hide it. yet no one who could do anything about it ever saw his behavior. it was like he was invisible and since he was invisible he just continued to slam everyone he saw. bad alan, bad!

are you sure i can drive this thing?catherinejonathan & alan

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  1. yesterday shure was fun Robert Go-Kart riding today I go to go hang out with some good friends Griffis and Jeff Rentz I was a wonderful time I go to say hello ti MR.Dino and stuff they all were glad I stoped by to hang out and I had a feeling that this would just be a fun cool day just to hang out with friends that I don’t get tp hang with everyday like you and Jess or Alan and it was nice Dino was getting the ground breaking photos they wanted me to get in the photo with them for the paper at first I was I dunno but he wanted me to get in the photo with everyone so I did

    it was nice tonight I know is gonna be awesome i excited for Steve Ware

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