polaroidthe polaroid-o-nizer is cool. it takes any digital picture that you have and converts it into a polaroid-looking image. as you know everyone wants to take their high-tech digital photo and make it look like a very low-tech polaroid image. there are other ways of doing this but the polaroid-o-nizer is a web based program for doing it and it’s free (yippee).

from the above description of the polaroid-o-nizer you should be able to figure out what is important about it … it is yet another thing on the internet that previously i didn’t know or even care about but i am now no longer able to live with out. that’s the beauty of the web – it makes stupid things a necessary part of life.

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  1. hey joe nathan – yep it’s noah. the polaroid-o-nizer converts your photos into something that looks like a polaroid. cool huh?

  2. this is not as cool because you cant take a bunch of these and stick them up on your walls. polaroid cameras are like $2 on ebay so there’s no excuse for settling for some lame digital equivalent! i would know, i have 3 (soon to be 4) of them.

  3. if you’re hanging them on the wall i would agree real polaroids are cooler but i was talking about for web uses. of course, there is a reason not to use real polaroids – the price of the film. it’s like a buck a shot. i’ve got 8 or 9 polaroid cameras for the church and scavenger hunts and it kills me every time i have to buy film for all of them.

  4. haha yeah i was just kidding. they had some sale a while back to get 3 packs for $20 and i stocked up. i have enough film to last me at least a year.

  5. 3 packs for $20 is a great deal. we’ve basically stopped doing polaroid scavenger hunts because of the price. i guess i could use digital cameras but it just doesn’t seem as fun.

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