just a friendly reminder

fluvvr.coconia.nethey there guys & girls i just want to remind all those who are involved within the student ministry to continually lift up in prayer kate, our friend and sister in CHRIST. over the next month she will be ministering with our friends in nicaragua. we will see her again when some of our number go down to nicaragua in late july.

in the student ministry we have often talked about missions as a bow and arrow. the arrow goes to the target but it is the bow that supplies the power and direction. kate is the arrow being sent to the target. we, her church, are the ones who are supposed to send her and continually support and empower her. she is going to nicaragua to be faithful to what GOD has called her to. we have to be faithful to make sure she knows that she is not alone.

haley, another of our family, will go down and join kate next week.

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