the plan

klaproos.freecoolsite.comas many of you know i’ve kind of gotten into this photography thing. i’m not saying i’m any good at it (there are several people who read this blog that are significantly better than i am – alan and brad just to name two). all i’m saying is that i really enjoy taking pictures. the more i take photos the more i want to take more of them.

according to pam i have proven that the “picture taking” is not just a phase and therefore she agrees with me moving up within the world of cameras. so i want to move up to a digital slr camera. unfortunately there are two problems with this situation: first, digital slr cameras cost a bundle, and second, i’m cheap. so right now all i am doing is researching and dreaming. i’ve been looking around to figure out which camera i should never actually spend the money to buy. everything seems to be pointing toward the nikon d70. it’s a really nice camera to never actually buy.

so here’s my plan for overcoming my cheapness and raising the money to buy the nikon d70. i need one of my faithful readers to volunteer to work and give me the money he/she gets paid. i know for one of you this will be a difficult thing … but that is a sacrifice that i am willing to make. remember it’s for a worthy cause. all i need now is for one of you to volunteer.

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  1. hey robert, i just found your blog… anyway pics. are always fun and i hope you keep it up. anyway ill be checking in on your blog from time to time if thats cool. anyway its great to see your doing well so i guess ill catch you later. dave a.

  2. david my friend – it’s wonderful to hear from you. i’ve actually been thinking of you and nathan recently. nathan called awhile back and left a message and i keep on forgetting to call him back. hope things are going well.

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