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  1. tonight? i thought you were speaking thursday. in fact, that’s what i thought the first “t” in “tnt” stood for.

  2. “j/k” nothing – i’ve done it. i love rob bell. i once wrote him on a message he did concerning women being “worth dying for” and told him that i would really like his permission to use his message but that if he didn’t give it to me it would probably still somehow come out because it was one of the best descriptions of the value of a woman i had ever heard. thankfully he said okay.

  3. Rob is like the freakin’ Wizard Of Oz. He is well-guarded, and that assistant-lady of his is relentless. “Nobody gets in to see the great Rob! Not nobody – Not no-how!” I’m surprised you ever got in touch with him. I called a couple of times about those “Love Wins” stickers, but could I get through? Nooooooo.

    BTW, while we’re the Rob Bell fan club for a second… did you see his book? I posted that I was reading it on my blog yesterday, but it actually doesn’t come out until, like, August, I think.

  4. you’re right about his assistant – technically i spoke with her about the message request and she then asked him. i did get to speak with him later at last year’s national youth worker convention and that was cool. i wanted to invite him to lunch with me and my cohorts but the wimps wouldn’t let me – he probably would have said “no” anyhow so i guess it saved me the embarassment of being rejected.

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