i’m blind – well sort of

braat.freeserverhost.comi went to the optometrist today to get my vision checked. for the past couple of months i’ve been having slight vision problems – basically having a more difficult time focusing on things in the distance. i finally became fed up with feeling my eyes focus on refocus on objects and thus i went to get my eyes examined.

well the doctor has looked at my eyes, i’ve read the eye chart backwards and forwards, and the verdict is in – i have a mild astigmatism. basically, i am becoming more nearsighted as i grow older and thus i need to get some glasses for occasional use. before my mom freaks out i need to say that it is merely a mild nearsightedness and i can still drive without glasses. the doctor said glasses would make my vision easier but i didn’t have to wear them all the time. so rest comfortable mom – i’m okay.

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  1. weird… i was at the optometrist yesterday also. what time was your appointment? mine was at 2:30. anyway, the worst part about the optometrist is them dilating your eyes! :o( i was wearing sunglasses for the next 2 hrs and i had the worst headache from the brightness once i left their office. i’m not sure why they have to do it, but i think it’s more for their own sadistic satisfaction.

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