if it’s not slightly odd then it’s not any fun

i like things that are slightly quirky. life is just a tad bit better when you throw something unexpected in it- it’s spice for life. that’s why i love eric landry’s gorilla costume that randomly shows up every now and then when we are doing something. that’s why i loved the great statue search that was a part of last year’s JESUS project. odd things thrown into the mix add a little fun.

i say this to tell you that i have decided to add something meaningless to the registration process for this year’s JESUS project. you now have the ability to register online for the JESUS project (and of course, you can still register at the youth ministry office or any youth ministry activity). when you register i or jessica will time stamp when we received your registeration (if you do this online the internet will do this automatically). this is important because i’m going to use that time stamp. i refuel my truck once a week with gasoline. since, the theme for this year’s JESUS project is refuel i figured it would be fun to throw something stupid into the mix that has to do with refueling. therefore, the person who registers on the same day that i fuel my truck and is closest to the actual time that i refueled will become a “star” of the retreat. if you register on the same day that i refuel and are closer than anyone else to the time of the refueling you will have a video made about you and incorporated into the retreat. what’s the video about? i’m not sure. i’ll figure that out when i see who wins the privilege each time. you could be a superhero, a bum on the street, or a person who just stares at the camera. all i know for sure is that you’ll have a little bit of your 15 minutes of fame and it will make the registration process a little more interesting for me.

you can sign up for the JESUS project HERE.

SIDE NOTE – indoor skydiving is just plain cool

[Listening to: Homeward Bound – TreeFinger – (3:38)]

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