4 days

i just saw a commercial for lost reminding everyone that the new season starts in 4 days. i can’t wait. if you haven’t watched “lost” yet you should try to watch the first and second seasons before wednesday and then join in on the fun. it’s the best thing on television, which normally wouldn’t be sying much but in this case it’s really good.

SIDE NOTE – pam made fried dill pickles tonight with supper. for those who don’t know what friend dill pickles are i will describe them. basically fried dill pickles involve taking a small piece of paradise, mixing it with vinegar and flour, and then deep frying that mess. oh it’s so good. unfortunately it creates quite a mess and therefore pam doesn’t make them all the time. they are so very good when she does make them. mmmmh!

my run for the day
distance – 2.8 miles
total time – 25:29
pace – 9:06/mile

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  1. whenever I fry chicken tenders–not often because of the mess. I do cauliflower, bell peppers and pickles. It is SO good! Now, thanks to you, I’m going to have to spatter my kitchen soon!

  2. Sharon, I only made them because I was frying chicken fingers too. My kitchen was covered in flour and oil spatters, but oohhh so good.

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