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josh c sent this article to me earlier today. it’s an interesting review of a book on megachurches. my favorite quote from the article is:

“after a week of working in a major corporation, shopping in a food warehouse and megamall, viewing movies at a multiplex theater, and having children who attend a regional high school, it seems incongruous that this family would feel comfortable in a forty-person church,” wrote the authors. “so the force of cultural conditioning is on the side of megachurches.”

megachurches aren’t really my thing (said the guy who is youth minister at a church that ran 1,800 in average weekly attendance awhile back) but they are for some people and i’m glad they are there for them (i guess).

here’s the link to the article.

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  1. because of the failure of the counting system that is used it’s hard to say rob . using the same system that was used previously to get the 1,800 it would be an average of a little over 800. of course, the attendance instantly went up by 250 the week we had our future pastor come in view of a call. the real numbers will be easier to know once colin wimberly, the new pastor, starts july 1st.

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