what a pain

i took some of the youth to baton rouge laser tag last night and of course pam went with us (if you know pam then you probably know that she has this weird obsession with laser tag). while we were in the facility someone decided it would be a good idea to bust in our passenger side front window and steal pam’s purse. they didn’t take anything else, not the ipod that was right beside it, not the other girls’ purses that were in the back of the vehicle, nothing. they took pam’s purse which had a credit card, a debit card, 2 gas cards, her checkbook, cellphone, and $1.09. pam and i started calling all the card companies last night to make sure that they were canceled and we have continued today. it has been a real pain. according to the officer who worked up our case there have been a lot of such auto break ins recently, all of them looking for cash. i guess it sucks to risk getting caught and get $1.09. i hope it ticked those guys off.

it really stinks.

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