though i just improved a little

considering my last post concerning my failure as a dad i thought i would post how i just improved a little. earlier today as i was packing to move to stevens point i found an open can of gun powder in our garage. i had this on hand from an explosive announcement video we did awhile back. i didn’t really want to travel with gun powder packed in the uhaul truck and i didn’t really feel good about throwing it in the trash can for a nice little surprise for the trash compactor. therefore, i had to come up with a good way to dispose of the gun powder. i could have just washed it down the storm drain but what fun would that have been? instead i decided to pretend like we were in a western movie and form a line of gun powder along the street in front of our house. i called the boys out to watch as i lit it (they shook {correction per my mom} in fear because i don’t have the best record with fire – lost body hair count thus far is: one eyebrow burnt off 3-4 times, both eye brows burnt off 1 time, right arm hair burnt off 2 times, left arm hair burnt off 1 time, and hair on the head singed more times than i care to count).

it was great. i lit one end and the gun powder shot a flame of fire up from the pavement approximately 4 feet high as it snaked down the 30 foot line. it sent out so much smoke that one of our neighbors down the street thought my car was on fire.

i’ve improved as a father a little by this random act.

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