and i would like to thank …

if all goes as planned (which it rarely does) the terrell family will be completely packed by the time you read this entry (including our cable modem which is why i am setting this post up to go up automatically). we would not have been able to pack up and get everything ready if it had not been for the help of some wonderful people. you all went way past the extra mile and made the whole thing actually a little fun. so let me publicly say “thanks” to a few people. thank you … andre, william, beth, kirby, blaine, catherine, charlie, coleman, eric, julie, laura, lauren, and sam. you are the greatest!

andre, william, beth, and kirby are part of the reason we are going to miss our neighborhood so much. gettysburg drive is simply a wonderful neighborhood. i hope the new owners of 5928 soon realize that that best part about the house they just bought are the people who live around it (except possibly the vampire who lives next door – he’s okay, it’s just that you can never talk with him for more than 45 seconds).

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  1. when you come back next week to get ur wife’s van,I have a sticker for your stole,hey do you have a Raisen Canes sticker if not i will try to find you one an send it to ya ,well roberto hope you have an awesome week

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