rollie thurston

baton rouge friends – i don’t have all the details yet but apprently an old firned of some of our passed away. some of the older “viewers” will remember rollie thurston who was a part of us and drummed at “the view.” jessica lawrence sent me an email today saying that rollie had been killed in a motorcycle accident in virginia. some of you met rollie a few months before i left baton rouge when he came to “the view” for a few weeks before going to the navy. rollie is a good guy and i love him very much.

i don’t have the thurston’s address yet (i’m at a conference right now) but if you want to contact the thurstons and express anything to them you should be able to find their address in the denham springs directory or you can email me and i should be able to send it to you tomorrow or the next day. please be in prayer for his family.