sunday night ramblings

GO PACKERS!first, it’s really fun being a packers fan this year for two reasons 1) even though i have been a packers fan since 1978, until this year i had never been a packers fan in packers’ country – oh it’s fun, and 2) the packers are kicking butt! (of course, we just lost to the bears.)

second, i have an inch long burn on my forehead now. i went under pam’s minivan to check out something and bumped my head on the exhaust pipe. it instantly burned the first layer of skin off of my forehead. i feel pretty stupid.

third, the nekoosa giant pumpkin festival was a blast. they hollowed out 1000 pound pumpkins and used them for a pumpkin/boat race up the wisconsin river. not something that i ever thought i would see in my life but it was a lot of fun.

fourth, i spent monday through wesdnesday at a pastors’ conference at green lake conference center (which was gorgeous). during the conference i was involved in a couple of conversations concerning what type of marketing i would do to start tapestry and what type of marketing had been done to start various other churches. while i’m not the biggest fan of marketing in general (we have taught our kids to shout “that’s a lie” when certain television commercials come on), i do realize that there is a need for a little. still, i have no interest in “marketing” tapestry. JESUS said “and I, as I am lifted up from the earth, will attract everyone to me and gather them around me.” that’s how i would like to draw people into the community of tapestry – lift JESUS up. i would like us to be involved in doing some things where only JESUS can get the glory and then let HIM decide if he wants to get any of these people involved in tapestry or not. i picture this being something like the commercial where the guy says he found the internet in a swamp. i like to think of a guy or girl seeing what we are doing one day and thinking “well there’s where JESUS is.” i guess this means i need to find out who the “lepers” and “sinners” are within our community and do something JESUS would do with them.