chapel of love?

pam, the boys and i are going to the mall of america tomorrow to meet a few of pam’s e-buddies from around the area. pam is really looking forward to putting faces with the names and personalities of the women she has been talking with over the past few years. the thing is that none of us are very excited about going to the mall itself. i’m sure we’ll have fun, because i have great kids and a wonderful wife, but malls are just not very high on the priority list for us and this one being the biggest mall in north america actually lowers our desire to go there instead of increasing it.

while pam was looking up some information on the mall of america she discovered that it has a wedding chapel within it’s boundaries. it’s called the “chapel of love.” the thought of a wedding taking place within a mall is one of the saddest commentaries ever on the values of western culture. it’s so sad that there is no need for me to talk about it.

top ten reasons why marko should link to one of my posts – part 1

as many of you know marko posted a link to to one of j.t.’s (blessed be his name) posts. it is now my goal to goad marko into posting a link to one of my posts. of course, i could just post something good but it’s so much more fun to be lazy and try this approach. so here is the first set of the “top ten reasons why marko should link to one of my posts”:

    10. my posts may be lame but they’re no lamer than the items that marko points out as being stupid in his “JESUS junk of the month awards. while i can’t claim the ability to post something as good as j.t. (blessed be his name) i do think that at least some of my posts add more of a contribution to the internet and life than the miracolous JESUS night light. even though it’s a small contribution to the world wide web it is still a contribution and it should be honored. i can think of no better way to do this than by marko linking to one of my posts.

    9. peace on earth – oestreicher is a german name and terrell is an english name. marko, your people have been attempting to brutalize my people for centuries. don’t you think it’s about time you commit an act of peace and bring our people together. i think linking to one of my posts would be such act. sort of like when one monarch would marry off one of his children to the enemy and thus insure peace. marko, it’s about time for peace.

    8. it would be a good escape from the san diego nywc. when you really get down to it who wants to listen to shane claiborne, doug fields, the david crowder band, chris tomlin, or third day? nobody i know. having to listen to those guys for 5 days is simply not the way to have a good time. i know that it’s probably wearing mako down. wouldn’t it be a nice break to post a link to my blog? come on marko, i’m only thinking of you. it’s important for your health.

    7. i will name all my future children “marko” no matter what sex they are. this offer is not diminished by the fact that i had a little surgery awhile back that makes it unlikely that i will have any more biological children. it’s the thought that counts and i’ve honestly had the thought of naming my future children “marko,” if marko will post a link to one of my posts. “marko elizabeth terrell” actually has a nice ring to it.

    6. marko should ask himself “what would JESUS do?” we all know that JESUS would say “marko, give the guy a link.” that’s the way JESUS rolls and as a follower of JESUS marko should do the same thing. you could almost say that by linking to one of my posts marko would be practicing discipleship. now i don’t want to go so far as to say that it would be a sin for marko not to post a link to one of my posts but scripture does say that to him who knows what is right and doesn’t do it. i’m just trying to protect marko’s soul.