say cheese

so as everyone but grant knew the packers beat the broncos and what a win it was. like i said earlier, it has to be a bad week for grant. of course, since i sat on my couch watching the game while grant was at mile high stadium watching the game, i seriously doubt that he’s week is really that bad.

SIDE NOTE – thanks to brad’s generosity i received a couple of hand printed copies of “the gospel of screen printing.” i had written brad a couple of weeks ago asking if he might screen print me some business cards. he said sure and commented that hand printed cards “felt” different. i wasn’t sure what he meant until i touch the zines he sent. there is a definite difference in the printing and it feels great. i’m waiting on the logo that is being designed for me to send the business card design to brad. i can’t wait for the cards now.

nuebia update

i received this update from claudia a little earlier today and i thought i would pass it along to anyone who read this and loves the baltodonas.

Dear friends,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining us in prayer on behalf of my mom. We took her to the doctor today for the test they needed to do to figure out the size and kind of tumor they had discovered. The result was NO tumor. Everything clean. Not even swollen anymore. Thank you for believing with us for a good report. We serve an amazing God who works in misterious ways.
My whole family is thankful to God and to you for standing up in prayer for my mom. You definitely are what a true friend is supposed to be!

love you very much,
Claudia and family