earlier today i was quizzed by my youngest son concerning what armor i thought sounded tougher. if you have a child who plays the mmorpg runescape then you are probably used to such questions concerning armor and weaponry. today’s question concerned which armor sounded tougher, über armor or barrows armor. i told him that since über is germany for super i would guess that über armor is the strongest (which apparently it is). thus this online game introduced my child to the word über and knowing that word has changed every thing for him. anything that is great, extreme, or super is now “über.” he just announced that he was going to be taking a shower and so he was going to need to be über naked. i’m not sure what über naked means but it sounds more powerful than barrows naked.

SIDE NOTE – when pam makes soup the angels sing.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – the scab has come off of my forehead. i am now “mole” free.