i was just reading a post on grant’s blog in which he reviews the book “flight by christopher kraft (n.a.s.a.’s first flight director).

first, its a great review.

second, in the review grant mentioned some of the things that stood out from the book. one of those was that “simple is better.” simple things are truly powerful. it’s kind of weird how the word “simple” has almost developed a negative connotation. call someone “simple” and see how they respond. it’s almost seems better to say something is complex. yet simple things work, they don’t break as often, when they do break they can be repaired more easily, etc. i remember how confused i was at first when i first heard GOD referred to as being simple. it was within my first semester of systematic theology and my prof kept referring to GOD as simple. i would love to say that i was a great systematic student and immediately understood that GOD being simple meant that HE was whole and not divisible into parts, but i can’t truthfully say that. what i understand now helps me to understand GOD as love. HIS justice and mercy aren’t separate things. instead they both flow through HIS love and are different expression of HIS love. GOD is simple and therefore everything HE does flows through the same pure (i.e. simple) motive that is HIS character.

i wonder if our ministries are simple? not just simple in the manner in which we do things, but simple in their thoughts, theology, and motives. do we have one thing that defines us and that everything flows through? i know that we do different things. we’ve got programs and events that have different purposes or checkpoints but are they still simple? are we maintaining an indivisible mindset?

i’m just wondering out loud here because i am beginning to like simple things more and more.

SIDE NOTE – if you constantly lose things you might want to grab a free copy of “how to find lost things. in the book “professor” solomon details out the habits and thoughts that help us all to find the things we’ve lost. i thought it was interesting.

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  1. The other caveat to that is this – simple does NOT necessarily mean EASY.

    Rob – we’ve talked about this before – but honestly ministry is SIMPLE – love Jesus, love others, take others on the journey with you.

    Thanks for the plug and the friendship….even though you and Pam like mushrooms.

  2. @arnold – solid state always makes me think of radio shack and i’m not a big shack fan.

    @grant – one of the reason i love you grant. for pam’s defense i will add that she doesn’t like mushrooms or oysters for that matter.,

    @pamela – see babes, i defended you. 🙂

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