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as someone who is trying to plant a church my days vary a great deal. some days i’m doing really cool things involving developing relationships and connecting with new people, while other days i’m working through details that will be important one day. today has been one of the detail days. the tapestry launch team is presently praying about a date for the launch of our public services. it’s all very cool because all of us have already experience conversations with people who are not presently connected with a church who have expressed serious interest in being involved in tapestry once its launched. i’ll tell you more about the launch date once we have all finished praying and have a chance to talk with each other. that means sunday evening.

anyhow, a part of launching the public services is finding a place in which we can hold them. i’m not sure we will ever have a building but having one is never a viable option for a new church plant. so i’ve been calling people and pulling connections to find possible places that we can look at and pray over once we have a date set. right now the main places that i think will be in consideration are:

  • an elementary school
  • a private club
  • a friendly church building

i’m sort of dreading the day we actually have to start deciding because there are a ton of aspects to the decision. we’ve got to consider what building will best fit within the “d.n.a.” of tapestry, while at the same time considering practical considerations like parking, location, facility, and the primary and secondary costs of the location. i think the school will be the best fit for who we are and who we will become, but it will be hard to make that choice when the school is three times more expensive than the club and the church is basically free. when you have a tithing base that consist of your own family money is a big consideration. i would start to think that that we might choose one of the other two options except for the fact that the club is next to impossible to find (i think they took the idea of “private” very seriously) and rather small (which is fine at first) and the church building is well .. a … church building. they all have their pros and cons and i’m sure within the next two months i’ll find another two or three options that will muddy the waters of decision even more.

fun, fun.

SIDE NOTE – tonight pam and i are taking the first of four latin dancing lessons. by the end of april we will be latin dancing fools.

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  1. I know you didn’t ask me, but – BOO! on the church, and YAY! on the others.

    God Bless and Shalom!
    I am living vicariously through you in this process. It’s very exciting to me! All of the excitement and none of the stress and work!

  2. j.t. (blessed be your name) i am asking you. the very reason that i post this crap is so that i can get other people’s opinions and your opinion counts all the more for your name is blessed from generation unto generation.

    honestly though i’m not really considering the church building though it is nice to have it as an option. there’s actually another building on campus that i’m starting to make phone calls about.

  3. Possible meeting places,

    In a home (really good idea)
    In a park (Don’t know if SP has BREC type parks)
    In a store (well, what used to be one)
    In a bar (aren’t they closed on Sundays?)
    In a nightclub (aren’t they closed during the day?)
    In a big tent
    In a parking lot (answers the parking problem too)
    At a movie theater (very bad idea, actually)
    In a coffee house
    In a home (again, really good idea)
    At a synagogue (The disciples went fishing there, and they are closed on sundays)
    In a graveyard (might give a good visual aid to resurrection sermons)
    In a Chick-fil-a (They are closed on Sundays)

    Well, those are some ideas. Just brainstorming.

  4. nice brainstorming. some good ideas, some of which i’ve already been thinking through. i like the outdoor ones but they are merely a seasonal answer here because they just aren’t happening during the winter. we’re also planning on meeting sunday evenings (seems to works better for the group that we are connecting with) so that will nix a few spots that are open on sunday evening but not in the morning. we are all open to any structure that’s available. some of the ideas you’ve mentioned are ones that we will be considering and praying about.

    SIDE NOTE = “chick-fil-a” why would you mention such a thing. are you trying to make me sad? the closest one is an hour and 15 minutes away.

  5. There is your answer Rob, have one of your core team members become a chick-fil-a franchisee and open up a chick-fil-a in stevenspoint, then have your services there too. Ha!

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