after months of cold and snow spring has come to central wisconsin. it was 62 degrees today and absolutely gorgeous. yes there is still some snow in our front yard but probably 70% of the snow in the area has finally melted. it’s great. the flowers should come soon now and that’s going to be even better. it’s so much easier to appreciate the spring when you’ve been surrounded by snow for 4 months. i liked the snow when it was here and i like it even better now knowing how much more grateful it makes me for the thaw. because of this great weather my long run today was just wonderful.

SIDE NOTE – a&e is presently showing the godfather series on saturday nights. oh how i love the godfather films and book.

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  1. Did somebody say GODFATHER?!?!?

    Movies = YAAAYYYY!
    Book = HAHAHAHAHA!

    Seriously, Coppola is the best thing that ever happened to Mario Puzo.

  2. oh j.t. (blessed be your name) how can you be so wrong? the book is excellent. there is really only one movie that has ever been better than the book that inspired it and that was forest gump.

  3. um… I heard it’s snowing there? I laughed when I read this post originally… I thought, yeah, it’s not spring yet, it’s only April and you’re not in the south anymore… I once got hypothermia in a freak snowstorm on may 18th… welcome to the north

    ps. it’s 85 here

  4. yes it snowed here last night but it’s still spring like. there’s a TON of difference between what we have now and what we were experiencing in january. it’s 42º right now and wonderful. it will probably snow again but the difference is that it melts off now, where as it just built up before.

    p.s. i’m sorry you are having to go through such heat so early in the spring.

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