very excited & a little nervous

after weeks of praying everyone on the tapestry launch team agreed that we should start the public worship services of tapestry on september 14th. we also agree that we want to do a prayer labyrinth in the uwsp university center in about four weeks. the second we reach that conclusion pam and my stomachs went beserk. i’ve had butterflies all day. yes we moved up to wisconsin for the purpose of planting tapestry but truthfully it didn’t seem as real before the launch date was set and the labyrinth was agreed upon. in my mind it all still seemed theoretical. it’s not anymore. it’s the real deal now and while it’s incredibly exciting it’s also a little nerve racking.

it’s so great.

anyway i’ve been usingg mind mapping to organize projects for a year or two now and i really like it as an organizational tool. it helps me to think through things. i’ve used mindmeister before (because it’s free and online – a combination that i like). i haven’t used the it’s collaborative features before but i decided it would be nice to try it this time. so i’ve set up a collaborative mind map for the labyrinth to see how it works out for us.

this would have been such a great thing to have had for youth ministry retreats. it would have been a great way of organizing several people working on various projects and also communicating what everyone was doing.

anyhow below is a link to the labyrinth mind map.

my run for the day
distance – 7.0 miles
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  1. I thought they were something like a maze, or a game with kinda a floating box and a little ball in it. I’ve never heard the term used any other way.

  2. dad their similar in looks but very different in purpose. labyrinths are more like a path (a twisty one but still a path) than a maze. mazes try to trick you with dead ends and such. labyrinths we set up during the middle ages as a way of guiding a basically illiterate populace through prayer. you’ll find them in the tile of the many churches from the middle ages. the labyrinth we’re talking about is a modern multimedia interpretations of these medieval labyrinths. basically is a guided, experiential time of prayer. it’s quite cool.

    you can find an online walk through of what we’re doing here. i should have placed a link to it in the original post. the text of the guide can be found on the link and there are some pictures that will give you a basic idea.

  3. I guess this is kinda like explaining the silicon chip to a cave man, I still have no idea what you are talking about. Sorry


  4. since it’s ultimately an experiential practice you therefore would have to experience it to really get it. yet you can still understand it if you just think of it as walking a path and noticing little signs along the path that remind you and help you to pray for various things.

  5. Hey Robert, I used to do these with my youth group once a quarter. Students loved them. Some parents thought they were weird or too “new age”. GROUP had a product out a while back. We never used it, but used some of its ideas and we had a team of students who came up with other creative ideas. I’ll send them to you if you’d like to look it over. Hope you and your family have settled in up North.

  6. that’s kind of the one jay. group took it from a group over in england called proost which is connected with jonny baker. we did it in the last youth group i lead. the kids and adults loved it. group did another that was kind of lame and the proost did one on creation that was equally as great as the first one. i would love to see your ideas. i’m always looking for new ones to spark what we do.

  7. you still have the .gmail email account? i’ll send you an email with file attachments. leader team usually picked a theme, then created different reflecting stations. you know the drill, kids come in, take off their shoes, have a prayer of preparation, then move around to the different stations. i found that this gen of students crave the “tangible”/hands-on aspect of this form of worship. are you on facebook? you need to friend request me. april 23 marks the 20th anniversary. can’t believe it’s been that long. i’ve asked some of the guys to write an open “letter” to the young men. to be published in a 40th anniversary book coming out 2011. pastor ken nichols is writing a letter on the importance of Character. so am i. i’d love for you to write one too. other guys are writing on Leadership or Academics or Sportmanship or Service. C.L.A.S.S. get it? anyway, holla back. i’d love to send you that stuff!

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