the greatest sermon series title ever?

there are a lot of reasons that i get excited when i think of tapestry finally being launched (it’s happening september 14th) but today i developed a new one. it’s not a very important one but it make me smile. when tapestry is finally having public worship services we’ll have sermon series and eventually we’ll end up talking about sex and the bible. today while i was driving to madison, wisconsin to meet with some church planters from virginia i came up with the greatest sex sermon series title ever. it is …

that’s what she said

it makes me smile just thinking about it.

SIDE NOTE – if any of y’all steal this from me before i get to use it i am going to hunt you down with dogs and tear your tongue out through your left ear. i’m serious about this.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – i just watched this video of a golden eagle killing three different mountain goats by throwing them off of cliffs. i thought the bald eagles that we see around central wisconsin were large but these birds are huge, and apparently tough as nails.

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