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this weekend i spent two more days with pastors. this has been a week of pastors. anyhow, i went to the minnesota/wisconsin baptist convention new pastor orientation. this was basically a group of church planters from all over minnesota and wisconsin finding out what was available within the convention. it was a decent time.

since, getting home i’ve been trying to find out how to establish a random header image on the tapestry website. it took me all night (which is a sad statement on my coding skills) but i finally got the code to work in the manner in which i wanted them to. unfortunately i don’t really have any images that i like for the website but once i do they will appear randomly on the web page header.

SIDE NOTE: i’m working through the idea of setting up paypal as a means for people contributing to tapestry. the ease of use would be cool. the problem is that i’m not sure how you set this up when we don’t exist as a legal entity yet. i guess we would set it up through our sponsor church but i don’t really know. does anyone have any experience in this?

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  1. Robert,

    Try asking Lindsay Hammerbeck ( I believe she had the same problem in the early stages of the Hands and Feet Orphanage in Haiti. Tell her you are my friend and that I told her she may be able to help you.

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