gmail stickers

gmail stickers

i missed this before but apparently you can get free gmail stickers of you send a sase to gmail. stickers are good. here’s the link.

SIDE NOTE – i am constantly amazed that the "pregnant man," thomas beatie, keeps on being on t.v. and other media. i just don’t get it. beatie is pregnant because of a functioning uterus and two X chromosones. no amount of surgery or legal recognition as a man can change that. i don’t have anything against beatie, i just don’t get the fascination with something that i don’t think is in anyway a medical oddity.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – anyone around point have access to hair clippers, a baber’s cape (the thing that covers the front of your body when you are getting your hair cut), and/or a portable barber’s chair? i need them for next sunday’s tapestry worship gathering. if you have any of these items it would be helpful.

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