the challenge

guys i need your help. let me explain.

today after a 3 month hiatus i started running again. my goal is to be ready for the mid-april oshkosh half-marathon. so i ran a couple of miles this afternoon. while doing my post running stretching i discovered a knot on the back of my knee that i am fairly sure is a small case of bursitis. i’m too cheap to want to waste frig ice when there is plenty of cold snow outside so i put some "free crushed ice" into a zip lock bag and iced my knee.

somewhere during supper pam said that there was no way i would be ready for the oshkosh half-marathon (oh my wife of little faith). i told her i not only would finish the race but i would beat my time from the indianapolis race i ran back in october. so we decided to bet on it.

the bet is that if i don’t finish the race or run slower than i did in indianapolis then i have to watch whatever chick-flick pam picks. if i finish the race faster than my indianapolis race then pam has to watch a guy movie that i pick. the agreement is that we have to really watch these movies, not just sit through them while doing something else.

so here’s where i need your help. what guy movie should i make pam watch? if i lose she’s thinking about making me watch momma mia which means she is playing rough. therefore i need a movie that would thrill me and strike fear in her heart. 🙂

so please help a brother out by sharing great guy films that i should force pam to watch when i win the bet.

church planting leadership pmcp8301

based on the google analytic reports i receive on the blog it appears that my past posts on the course requirements for the previous d.min courses i’ve taken at nobts have been accessed by people via searches and therefore i am assuming useful. if nothing else it lets pam know what i am doing (and therefore she is able to hold me accountable) and gives my mom new things to google.

therefore, i am posting what i am doing over the next two weeks in prep for my march 18-20th "church planting leadership" seminar.

  • read "now, discover your strengths" and take the strengthsfinder personality profile – done
  • read "mindset: the new psychology of success" & post an annotated analysis- half way through
  • read "spin off churches," review it and post to facebook – started
  • read "organic disiplemaking," review it and post to facebook
  • read "leadership as a lifestyle," review it and post to facebook
  • base on the reading write up three ways to develop leaders and then post that to facebook
  • do statistical research and discover two groups in my geographical area that would possibly respond positively to a new church plant. explain what you would do in trying to connect with them.

i’m not sure if dr. allen is reading my blog or facebook notes (if you’re reading this – hi dr. allen) so i probably shouldn’t make the following comment but i will anyway – i’m not sure how i feel about posting the stuff on facebook. it could be an amazing way to share these thoughts with both my fellow students and others or not so much. i haven’t done it before so we”l just have to see. i do know one absolutely amazing thing about posting them to facebook – NO TURABIAN. i don’t know why all the seminaries use turabian when other academic institutions seem to be fleeing her. oh how i hate kate!

strengths finder profile

my spring 2009 d.min seminar is coming up (march 18-20). this trimester i am taking “church planting leadership” which kind of seems to fit with what i’m going through. 😉 as a part of the course i need to submit my strengthsfinder profile for dr. allen to see and thankfully during pam and my teamamerica church planting assessment we had to go through the clifton strengthsfinder profile. nice to have something finished already. 🙂

anyhow, i thought my mom (if no one else) would like to see this so i’m posting my profile for everyone to see and then linking it to dr. allen for him to get it.

here’s my profile.