oh how i wish

i became facebook friends with a guy who visited tapestry this past week. he seems to be a pretty nice guy. anyhow looking on his wall on monday he made a statement concerning visiting a “radical church” which i am going to assume is tapestry (i have no way of knowing how many churches he may have visited on this past sunday so this could easily be another church). here’s a screen shot of his status line and the comments made under it (the names have been blurred out to protect the innocent).


so based on my assumption that he is talking about tapestry i want to make two comments.

1st, OH YES we definitely do need to be a church of people wearing “sweet 80’s pants and jean jackets.”  i lived through those days and would probably still be wearing all that stuff if it wasn’t for pam. i’m sure i still have some parachute pants and a member’s only jacket or two at my parents’ house. hmmmmm, good times. of course, we would also have to force people to wear some of those great bill cosby sweaters – lots of bold colors equals lots of fun.

2nd, i truly hope we can become a church worthy being considered “radical.” i think JESUS pushed the limits and the powers responded by hating HIM (and still do). GOD’s freedom, grace, and absurd love seem to cause that type of reaction. i hope tapestry can truly follow CHRIST in that manner. i once heard someone say the following (i can’t remember who to give credit to)

that all the apostles were imprisoned, beaten, chased off, lied about, and killed by the powerful and the religious for how they followed JESUS. when we go through the same things it may indicate we’re actually doing a decent job of following HIM.

i hope we one day merit being considered “radical” (80’s slang or not) in our faith.