best lines from PMCP8301 – day 1

a list of statements that stood out today in the church planting leadership d.min seminar i am presently in. these are not necessarily states that i agreed or disagreed with. they are just statements that stood out as if audiologically highlighted when they were said:

  • guys it’s not let’s throw mud on the bride time
  • i’m not bipolar or anything like that
  • all sbc churches are non-denominational at their core – local church autonomy should mean non-denominationalism.
  • we need to learn how to think in ways that help people to do the kingdom things that they do best
  • you want to have the right people on the bus and have them in the right seats
  • you’re a “pastor of the next thing”
  • can you figure me out?
  • nobody knows what “missional” means
  • sarcasm is a spiritual gift and paul had it … read your bible
  • they made fun of him in the rabbit movie
  • there are really just two types of people in the world … cat lovers and dog lovers
  • you get what you reward – this should affect how we measure progress
  • military authority training – don’t stand in front of the guys who have the guns