besides seeing my family in alabama the best part of heading down south is the food. i prefer so much of wisconsin over the south. i would rather have a supper cold & dry winter than i terribly hot and humid summer. i would rather go fishing on rivers that require canoes than boats. i would choose wisconsin cheese over whatever southern cheese there is (probably velveeta). etc., etc. on 90% of the comparisons it is really easy to choose wisconsin over the south.

yet that changes dramatically when we start talking about food. i think i probably gained 10 lbs from all the food i ate. i know for a fact that i ate lunch at two different places on one day just because i was afraid i wouldn’t get to eat at either of them again during the week. it’s not even just the nice restaurants that i love. some of the fast food restaurants and “mom and pop” joints are my favorite places to eat. raising cane’s, dempsey’s las trace amigos, chick-fil-a, deanies, wintzel’s, etc. oh how i love these places.