derringer pen & don’t invite anyone

the derringer pen

i’ve mentioned before the 4 things a man has on him at all legal times to solve problems? this is a list that i was taught from my dad and i have changed based on modern life. the list is:

  • a pen
  • a bandaide
  • a knife
  • a calling card/cell phone (this is where the change is – it used to be a quarter).

my dad used to say that you could use these four items to solve pretty much any problem you will ever face. it has worked for me and i continually push it with adam and noah.

a few weeks ago adam holte introduced me to the perfect pen for always being prepared. it is the derringer pen and it is designed to fit in your wallet. when adam showed it to me i knew i had to get one for me and the boys. i gave them theirs this morning and they were thrilled. as a youth minister i had teens always picking on me for having a pen in my pocket. with the derringer pen they would have never even have known how prepared i was.


i have a friend from seminary who recently posted this on his facebook/twitter feed:

blurred to protect the innocent

the guy who wrote this is a friend i know from SWBTS (where i got my masters degree). he was a swell guy in seminary and i believe him to be a swell guy now. i am sure that he is a great pastor and i think his suggestion is generally a good thing. BUT i want to encourage you NOT to invite anyone to tapestry (or your church) for easter. instead i recommend that we all take advantage of the spiritual nature of this week and easter to talk with and listen to our friends, family, and neighbors about their lives, faith, and struggles. instead of just trying to get them to church let’s become intimately involved in our neighbors’ lives and thereby demonstrate the love of GOD for all to see. if you begin to believe that tapestry would connect with your friend and help them to explore faith in CHRIST and follow HIM then you should most definitely invite them. if you are a thread and think that another church would connect better with who your friend is and who he/she is becoming then skip tapestry for awhile and go with them to whatever church that you think would connect best with them. we’ll see you back once you have your friend connected with people who love your friend.

basically what i am trying to say is instead of inviting people get involved with people. JESUS will show up better through your involvement in someone’s life than by getting that person to come to one worship gathering.