pam and i watched “precious” saturday night and wow. before watching it i wasn’t real sure about it before because i’m not a huge fan of much of the stuff that oprah winfrey outs out – typically they are way too lifetime t.v. moviesh for me. when i put this in our netflix que i thought this might be just another one of those movies. of course, the great thing about netflix is that if i hate the movie it doesn’t really cost me anything. i have other movies on the que and instant movies too. all i have to do is send the bad movies back and forget about them.

i’m not sure that i would recommend this movie for everyone. it is rough. i mean real rough. through some of the counseling situations i’ve been in i would say that for some people this movie may hit far too close to home and they might not want to watch it. for others it might be a bit of an eye opener. yes, the events and circumstances that precious has to face are on the extreme side but for some people parenting and childhoods like this are their reality. how can we expect a “normal” human to come out of such treatment? most importantly how can we as a society act to help such children?

i’m not sure i will ever want to watch this film again because i’m not sure that i would want to put myself through that again. still … wow!

SIDE NOTE – i completely understand why mo’nique won the academy award for best supporting actress for her role in this film.