dancing with the stars?????


pam has convinced me once again to take a ballroom dancing class. we tried this once before and i failed miserably (of course pam did great). i love trying new things. i’m not afraid to experiment with things that i have never done before and i am definitely not afraid to struggle and fail at something new. it is pretty much impossible to embarrass me so i’m not afraid of looking stupid in the class. i am however terribly scared of stepping on one of pam’s feet, losing my balance and accidentally smashing pam into the floor. i’m a pretty clumsy person and this is a legitimate fear. ask anyone who knows me – i am a bodily disaster waiting to happen. pam has already been through one back surgery, i couldn’t live with myself if she had to go through surgery again because i have two left feet.

let’s all hope and pray that i don’t accidentally damage pam through my klutzy attempts at rhythmic movements. adam and heidi holte are in the class with us so there will be witnesses if i injury pam.

btw, in the above photo you can find pam and heidi in the back row.

SIDE NOTE – after months of scrimping and saving i have enough money to buy bikes for pam and i. i don’t splurge on big things often. when i do i tend to want it to be something that i have to save and work for. therefore i have been saving to set enough money aside for the purpose of pam and i getting decent bikes. this way the whole family will finally have good bikes and we can start hitting the green circle trail. i think i have decided on the trek fx 7.2. it seems to be a good bike and eric glaze recommends it. now i have to decide between the candy apple red and the platinum. they both look pretty awesome.

72fx_red 72fx_platinum