just a few thoughts on the monday after resurrection sunday.

  • one of the things i love about gathering in a school is that every now and then really random decorations appear. the above photo shows what greeted us at the door this week for tapestry. btw, we meet at washington elementary school which is why the washington standee shows up every now and then.
  • i love the fact that tapestry has been lead in music by three different leaders over the past 8 days. thanks eric, brad, and joel for doing all you do.
  • yesterday i discovered how long a bible and a moleskine journal will stay on the hood of a dodge grand caravan. just in case you are wondering the answer for the bible is at least 1/4 of a mile, this is when it was noticed and recovered. the answer for the moleskine is much less than 1/4 of a mile AND it turns on its special secret camouflage mode when it falls off the hood of the van. my poor journal is lost in the cruel world of southern plover. since it is supposed to rain tonight i fear the worst.
  • i’m pretty excited about some plans that a few threads have discussed for celebrating easter next year. this year was great but i personally missed the resurrection activities that we did last year. next year we will be bringing some back and doing some new things.
  • i think easter sunday is supposed to be the beginning of the celebration and work. the resurrection enables us to be a part of GOD defeating death around us. i look forward to hearing some resurrection stories of followers of JESUS being a part of defeating death and decay over the next several weeks.
  • last night adam holte told me that he has a recipe for matzah bread. that’s right in the past we’ve had homemade bread for the LORD’s supper and now we will have homemade matzah! woohoo!
  • if you see guy at emy j’s coffee house please go out of your way to thank him for letting us do our tenebrae gathering in the garage. it was perfect.
  • here’s a link to the big picture – the photo blog i mentioned last night.
  • i preached at first baptist church stevens point yesterday morning (since they are without a pastor at the moment i fill in for them every now and then) and i definitely spit all over the front row a couple of times. i wish i had brought an umbrella for this one guy named al. he was hit more than most. i felt like a preacher stereotype but still i thought it was funny.

anyway i hope that each of you had a remarkable easter sunday that enables you to live out the resurrection.