the boys bathroom & bikes


i just hung these skateboards in adam & noah’s bathroom. the guys have been pretty proud of the boards they have broken and i thought this was as good of a way as any for displaying the abuse they have put on their boards. i think it looks pretty good and pam has agreed that she can live with it until the boys move off to college.

today i order the platinum version of the trek fx 7.2 that i mentioned yesterday. part of my goal has been to save up enough to buy the entire family good bikes. the plan has been to buy pam and i new ones (pam needs a comfort bike because of her back) and find good used ones for the boys. as of this week i hadve saved enough money with some good buys to accomplished this goal. a month ago i found noah a used trek 800 antelope for $55 (an excellent deal) and i snatched it up. i’ve been looking for one for adam but i haven’t had any luck yet. i was able to order pam’s bike today. it is a raliegh venture comfort bike that should keep her from having to bend very much. my bike should get to the shop tuesday and pam’s should be there thursday. now i just have to find adam a decent bike that i’m not afraid of him beating to death. another trek antelope would be great. the problem is that adam is now almost as tall as i am (6’1”). he needs around a 20” frame. people my size tend to keep their bikes. i’m presently bidding on a trek 800 on ebay but i’m sure it is going to go for more than i am willing to pay. i’ll find one eventually and then the whole family can ride bikes around the green circle trail.

of course the real problem here is that in my mind i have built up the idea of the family riding around the green circle trail. i have pictured a wondrous time of family togetherness full of butterflies and unicorns. when it happens the actual trip around the green circle trail will probably have more in common with national lampoons’ vacation than it does the day dream i have built it up to be. this could be really bad. yet for now i still get to live in the dream.