qr code

qrcode-sptapestryon a lark today i setup a qr code for the tapestry website. in theory you should be able to point your smart phone at this image, scan it with a qr code app and then automatically be taken to the church website.  the problem is that i don’t own a smart phone so i can’t really check it out. even if i did have a smart phone i’m not sure how effective it is to even have a qr code. still i think tapestry is the first church in wisconsin to have its own qr code and it was free. woohoo! now my life is complete 🙂

the only thing that i have actually thought of doing with it is beginning to place it on various posters i make for the few special tapestry gatherings we do every now and then. i might also have some stickers made that i can place on various things in hopes that someone discovers them and scans them. i might set it up to a special qr code page on the church website just so the people who use it feel special. i like for geeks to feel special. it makes me feel special.

of course, i might just make it link to this.