creativity is king

the above ad won doritos’s “crash the super bowl” contest for the best doritos super bowl commercial. how much did this amazing advertisement cost? $20. the guy who made it for $20 won a million dollars from doritos for having the best doritos commercial during the super bowl. not a bad return on his investment. actually the commercial ended up being rated the 6th best overall commercial during this year’s super bowl.

this is a wonderful example of how important creativity is. money is helpful but the most important thing is the creativity that forms the story and inspires how the commercial was made. i think it would be a safe assumption to state that every other commercial played during the super bowl cost more than $20 but but only a few were as good.

SIDE NOTE – my favorite book on the subject of creativity is "a whack on the side of the head: how you can be more creative". it is such a good book that i need to read it again soon.

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