good advice on girls you shouldn’t date


i don’t read perry noble’s blog and i basically know nothing about the guy (i’m not very good at knowing much about CHRISTian celebrities) but but my friend grant posted one of noble’s blog posts on his twitter account concerning girls you shouldn’t date. i thought it was great. so here it is. i’ll share noble’s main points but i would highly encourage you to go read his full post.

noble says you shouldn’t date a girl if …

  1. she cries & pouts every time she does not get her way.
  2. she is a gossip.
  3. she’s lazy.
  4. she’s needy.
  5. she is neck deep in debt with no plan to get out…and she still continues to go shopping because “it calms her down.”
  6. she is rude to you.
  7. you can not fall in love with her heart.
  8. everything that doesn’t always go her way is always a crisis & brings on a meltdown.

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