Disciples Stop Loitering

I saw this tweet today and the photo made me laugh.

Last night at Tapestry we talked about the church in Philippi beginning through God using Paul and Silas to disrupt people’s lives and point to them to a better kingdom. The story of the gospel is God’s kingdom versus all the other kingdoms of the world. For all my friends who are “threads” and followers of Christ, I hope you remember that disciples aren’t allowed to loiter. Or to quote the angel’s response to the Apostles when Jesus was taken into Heaven after His resurrection:

“Men of Galilee,” they said, “why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.”
Acts 1:11

Yes this verse talks about the return of Christ but it has implications about loitering also. You see for the past few days I have been humming to myself Bill Wither’s classic song “Ain’t No Sunshine.” Why? Well because it is my normal train of thought when Pam is gone on a trip and Pam just went on a whirlwind trip to Portland & Seattle. Don’t worry, I don’t get all depressed when Pam is gone, though after a day or two I do definitely miss her. I just really like Bill Wither’s song and I am always reminded of it when Pam is gone. Anyhow she gets back tonight and that means that the already liveable house will be super cleaned tonight before she gets home.

I don’t do this because I have too and the house doesn’t look like a bachelor pad or anything right now anyhow. It is already basically clean. It is just that when Pam walks in I always want the house to be specially clean. I want her to not only be excited about seeing me, the boys, and most importantly her cat (maybe even a little excited about seeing the dogs). I also want her be excited about the fact that the laundry is done, the kitchen has been mopped, the bathrooms are clean, and the sheets have been washed. I want her to walk in and think “Wow!” The fact that she is returning tonight makes me want to work because it is another way I can show her that I love her.

So disciples, why are you loitering? Don’t you know that he is coming back? Don’t just stand around looking up in the air. Get to work being a part of His disruptive kingdom.

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