EOG Hat or Holden Caulfield Hat?

So apparently instead of my Stormy Kromer hat being my EOG (Early Onset Grumpiness) hat it is my Holden Caulfield hat. This is according to one of the concessions workers at Cedar Creek Cinema. Pam, Adam, and I went to see “The Post” tonight, which all of you should go see because it was very good. Well while we were buying popcorn, because even though the price of movie popcorn is a scam this is one scam that the Terrell family goes in for, the concessions worker look at my hat and said “You know, I like you hat because it reminds me of Holden Caulfield. Do you know who he is?” The second part of his question must have been what brought out the EOG in my again because I respond with “Yes, ‘The Catcher in the Rye‘ is a great book but Holden Caulfield is kind of a jerk. He hates phonies but he is the most fake person in the book. Still thanks.”

Yeah the EOG is strong in me. 🙂

SIDE NOTE – Here’s the Portlandia skit that the term EOG comes from.

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