Whoever Has Ears to Hear

At lunch today Adam and Noah were talking with Pam and me about the music of Kendrick Lamar. I know who Kendrick Lamar is but I don’t really know any of his music. I do know that both my boys really enjoy his music. So we listened to a few of his songs while we ate some wonderful pesto chicken sandwiches that Pam made for lunch and talked about what they liked at his music.

One of the things that brought up several times was how often one of songs would sound like it was about one thing when it was actually about the exact opposite. For example, here’s an article talking about his song “Swimming Pools (Drank)” being treated as a drinking¬† song even though it is actually an anti-drinking song. Apparently he does this with whole albums. I say apparently because I’m not cool enough to know. It reminded me of The Police song “Every Breath You Take” being used as a love song when it is actually about a stalker. Instead of a love song, it is a VERY dark song.

I was really enjoying the whole discussion until Adam said “It kind of fits in with all the times Jesus said ‘Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear‘ and how quite often we think we hear one thing but it is because we aren’t actually listening to what is really being communicated.” I love my kids but I do feel inadequate when they come up with better illustrations of Jesus’s words than I do. ARGH!

Obviously I will be using this in sermons in the future and will not be giving credit to Adam. ūüėČ

SIDE NOTE – The Saints/Vikings games ending was absurd.

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