in the name of GOD’s will

why is it that followers of CHRIST are sometimes willing to do anything, including hurting people made in the image of GOD, when they are convinced that they are doing GOD’s will. our church, a really good church in-spite of what is presently going on, is presently going through a disagreement over some changes in our structure. while i definitely agree with the changes i don’t have a problem with people holding the other view point. i think any time you make a major change there is going to be a debate over it and perhaps there should be on ever major change.

so i don’t have a problem with there being a disagreement. i figure it is just part of the process. yet i have a serious problem with people being willing to do evil in the name of winning their side of the debate. presently we have people on one side spreading rumors about the leadership that is pushing for the change. the rumors are hurting not only the leadership (which would be evil enough on its own) but also their spouses and kids (which just makes it worse). how could someone spread meaningless rumors in the name of CHRIST?

if the cross of JESUS teaches us anything it teaches us that the end never justifies the means. even GOD wouldn’t break the rules and accomplish salvation by doing something against his word. i hate that believers would ever think trying to destroy other followers is a part of GOD’s will.

SIDE NOTE –sonlife radiois an example of this same thing because jimmy swaggart and family’s constantly tear into every ministry that is not their’s. they tear down everyone. from ric warren to billy graham. it doesn’t seem to matter. if you’re not with their ministry then you are preaching a false gospel.

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