i love my group & other people making me feel bad


    i delivered the message this week for our 9:30 worship service. the 9:30 service is our “contemporary service” which means that the music is different (led by our college minister a very cool guy) and bill (another very cool guy) preaches the same message delivers to the other two services but does it in a “hipper” way (if that’s even a word). truthfully the service is still very much like the other two services just with fewer coats and ties in the audience. it was fun doing the message but it really made me realize that i love working with our youth and the ones who love them. on wednesday at the view we experiment allot. i wouldn’t go so far as to say we are “emergent” because often i’m not entirely sure that i know what the term means. i would say that our kids, adults, and college students are working on loving GOD, trying desperately to love each other, and enjoy being in the midst of a question, mystery or experiment. every wednesday night is another chance to worship GOD together in such away that we affirm the worship of our LORD we’ve have done together through our lives during the rest of the week. i love that group because they jump on board and are willing to work their way through another gathering that is supposed to be based on being e.p.i.c. but often fails.

    please don’t get me wrong – i love our church and i love the 9:30 service. i’m just saying that “big church” is not where i want to be leading. i’ll gladly follow there.


    i was reading andrew jones’ blog recently and ran across his post on his blog being dumb. he goes on to describe various ways that his blog has improved over the years but then hits on failures that he sees in his blog presently. i of course, am sitting there thinking “you can do that with a blog?” here he is thinking his blog is dumb and i begin wondering what my blog must be then. if his blog is dumb then what level of stupidity would my blog rate? i hate it when smart or talented people think they are dumb or untalented. it always just makes me feel worse about myself.

    anyways, in an attempt to improve upon my truly dumb blog i will now attempt to do my first ever trackback “ping” on andrew jones’ site. this is a small step for most people but for me it means i step one level up out of the extreme stupidity that is my blog. here goes.

APPENDUM – i just checked the trackback on andrew jones’ blog and it worked. i suddenly feel as though i have stepped up to a slightly less stupid level. 🙂 now if i could only figure out the other stuff he was talking about or at least figure out how to get rid of the line on top of my blog.

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  1. hey – who just tracked me??????

    who disturbed me from my rest?????

    ahhhh ha . . . . it was you!!!!!

    (well done – thanks for linking to the actual post)

    glad to hear you preached last week. I preached first when i was 19. I was petrified and finished my message in about 7 minutes rather than 15.

    keep on blogging
    i am posting anonymously because blogger is DUMB and will send you to my old blogspot blog rather than my new one.


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