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i’m presently reading “adventures in “missing the point” by brian mclaren and tony campolo (along with several other books that are in various stages of being read). as always i love tony campolo. he is in a class by himself and while i don’t always agree with what he says i am at least always challenged by it.

i’ve also enjoyed brian mclaren’s words within the book. i have to admit that i typically have an aversion to author’s who become the “thing” at any given time. brian mclaren is the “thing” in some circles right now. he is referred to and quoted allot. that’s enough to usually turn me off and keep me from reading an author’s work. if an author is really good i’ll come back and read their work later. i know this is a sad statement concerning my nature. even with this automatic “popularity” aversion to mclaren’s work i’ve enjoyed the few things i read from him. i’ll have to read more.

of course, campolo is still the main course of the meal of this book as far as i am concerned. the whole thing reminds me of his books “twenty hot potatoes CHRISTians are afraid to touch” and “is JESUS a republican or a democrat?“. i love it when campolo tackles hard issues. of course, that happens almost every time he speaks or writes.

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  1. Great book. I thoroughly loved it. Especially the chapters on Culture, Women in Ministry, and Homosexuals. And I know what you mean about things that are currently en vogue. I tend to rebel against popular things just because they are popular, too. Although, if it’s “A New Kind Of Christian”, and “The Story We Find Ourselves In” that you’re putting off reading,… I think the statute of limitations has worn off on those. I waited a good 2 years before picking up those, myself. And they’re well worth it. Hope things are going well for you.

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